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BREFOOD and its products

Fadak Agro-industry Company, producer of BREFOOD products, started its professional activity in 2011. The quality and excellence of a food product could be experienced with BREFOOD. BREFOOD is proud of reaching such high level of quality and professionalism in food industry. BREFOOD food industry can be named as a premier brand in the Middle East in near future. Production and packaging of products have been carried out by equipped and advanced equipment under the supervision of specialists and in a completely hygienic condition.

It is our duty to strive for your satisfaction to improve the quality of BREFOOD products, so that we can stay with you and serve you for years. BREFOOD food industry presents products such as: cereal, spices, rice, etc. to the market. Currently, all factories of BREFOOD food industry have equipped with advanced machineries which using the latest technology and all production processes are carried out under the supervision of experts. BREFOOD food industry has the highest international standards. It is our aim to serve you high quality products for years and bring you the best.